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Current Prices - Gasoline Germany - Nationwide Average

Data from 2014/07/24, 02:20, Central European Time (CET, Berlin, Amsterdamm, Vienna, Paris, Madrid,...)
Updated every 10 minutes. All information without guarantee. Datasource: www.benzinpreis-aktuell.de.

Gasoline, E10 unleaded

1.598 € / liter

Gasoline, unleaded 95

1.638 € / liter

Gasoline, unleaded 98

1.686 € / liter


1.418 € / liter


0.709 € / liter

You should know...

...the Gasoline prices in Germany are changing several times a day. The highest prices currently have to be paid in the morning. During the day there are always price cuts until the early evening has reached. A price difference up to 15 cents is possible and occur frequently. Therefore, the best and cheapest time to refuel your car is in the early evening when the price level is below. But please note: In the evening the gas stations raise their prices again significantly (up to 15 Cent per litre). The stations of the large groups and companys, e.g. Shell, Aral (BP), Esso (ExxonMobil) and Total, are usually the first stations that raise the gasoline-prices. Other station operators follow the increase, but delayed. That is the reason why prices should be compared exactly in the evening. There are a lot of gas-station-cooperations in Germany that keep the price at a low level until late evening. Watch out for stations that are operated by one of the following companies: JET, STAR, HEM, OIL!, ED, BFT, Q1, CLASSIC, Bavaria Petrol ... or choose a gas station without any brand.


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